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S-100 Boards
This section of this web site is dedicated to the description of S-100 bus boards. Probably as many as 1000 different types of these S100 boards were sold starting in 1976 and running into the mid 1980's. The history of these boards is reflected in the history of the companies that made them. This section of the web site will be dedicated to collecting and storing information about these boards. It will be an almost never ending and time consuming process. Boards are grouped by the company that manufactured them. I will try and mention a common format. There are numerous descriptions of S-100 boards on the web. Some of these invaluable sites are listed here. However what is really need is one central location where one can obtain quick and detailed information. I will over time try and achieve this.  Contributions by others here are really be appreciated. If you have a high resolution picture of a board (or ones better than I have here) I will be delighted to post them here.

Also any manuals missing, information, corrections etc. please let me know so we can really help our fellow hobbyists. Boards with manuals/documentation are shown in Cyan. Boards missing manuals are shown below in Green.  Boards in Grey are those I have too little information at this time to present. To reach me send an e-mail (see bottom of home page). 

Please see here for acknowledgements of help from many generous people that made this table possible.

Ackerman Digital Systems
History    Promwriter     Kludge Board     6809 SBC     Noisemaker   Octafloppy  Memorizer
ACOM Electronics
               8088 CPU Board
Advanced Digital Corp.
History     Super Quad SBC    Super Slave SBC    Super Six SBC    HDC   Super 186 SBC   MultiSlave
Artec Electronics, Inc.
History     32K Static RAM     Prototype Board   ROM board

Alpha Micro Systems
History    AM-100 CPU   AM300 Serial I/O   AM310 Serial I/O     AM500 HDC  
AM200 FDC  AM600T  Other Boards
BG Computer Applications
History    256K Static RAM      64K Static RAM
California Computer Systems
    Z80 CPU    16K RAM    2065 64K Dynamic RAM    2066 64K Dynamic RAM    FDC
              SIO    Parallel/Serial Board    Other Boards

Central Data
    64K Dynamic RAM
History   RAM Boards    CPU-Z   CPU8085/88   CPU8086/87   CPU286   EconoROM 2708
Disk 1   Disk 1A   Disk 1B   Disk 2/Selector Board   Disk 3   Interfacer I   
Interfacer II   
Interfacer 3    Interfacer 4    PC-Video   M-Drive
              SPIO Board    MPX Board  System Support 1   System Support 2   SP186   SPUZ  Spectrum    
CPU68000     NS32016 CPU 
History    CT-1     CompuFone
History   ZPU  SBC   4KRAM   16K RAM   64KZ RAM   64KZ-II RAM  256KRAM   8KBytesaver 
Bytesaver-II   16KPROM  32K Bytesaver 4FDC   16FDC  64FDC  WDI   WDI-II  STDC 
4PIO   8PIO   TU-ART  D+7A I/O   Dazzler  PRI   GPIB Board
             Other Boards

History    Clock & Calendar Board    SBC    FDC     256K RAM

D.C Hayes
History    80-103A    Micromodem-100

Delta Products - XOR Computers
History     Z80 CPU    FDC    64K DRAM   

Digital Research Computers
History    16K Static RAM    16K EPROM    8K Static RAM   32K EPROM    Sound Effects Board
               Z80 CPU    128K RAM/EPROM    64K Static RAM    LS-100 RAM Disk  
               S100 EPROM Programmer, 32K Static RAM
Dual Systems
History     68000 CPU    256K RAM    Clock Board    CMEM RAM    Digital to Analog (AOM-12)
               (Analog To Digital (VIC 4-20)    EPROM    4 Port Serial   WDC-SMD   AIM-12 
History     16K Static RAM  16K Dynamic RAM  32K Static RAM  Z80 CPU  Naked Terminal
               Octaport   64K Dynamic RAM
History     8K RAM    16K RAM    8080 CPU    RAM+IO    64K RAM
History    Quasi-Disk     64K Static RAM    MFIO Board

History     64K RAM     256K RAM      VIO      MPUZ CPU     Omnidisk
Harte Technologies
History    Super IO Controller
History    Z-100 Motherboard   FDC    Winchester Disk Controller    256K RAM   
              Speechlab Board
History    16K RAM   32K RAM    64K DRAM    80186 CPU    FDC 400    FDC 930     IO Board
               Winchester Disk Controller    8K RAM    Z80-451     4-Line Serial
               LANS100   CPS-Q6A   CPZ4800   QIC-Tape Controller  CPS-MX   CPS-BMX   Other Boards   LAN-PC
History    MPU-A    VIO    4K RAM    EPROM Programmer    PIC-8    PIO    SIO    MIO   PROM
FDC (IFM/FIB)    FDC (DIO/PDS)    16K Dynamic RAM    
               32K Dynamic RAM    64K Dynamic RAM
I/O Technology
History    A-D-A Converter     Bar Code Reader    Peripheral Support Board    RGB Video
          Dual GPIB-488 Interface
Ithaca Audio/Intersystems
    2708 EPROM    Display Board    Z80 CPU    Z80-II CPU    VIO Board    FDC 
64K Dynamic RAM   8K RAM   
256K Dynamic RAM    Front Panel    Clock Board
6-SIO  FDC-II   HDC Interface  16-64K EPROM   EPROM Emmulator  Z80-III CPU
ADDA Board     EPROM Burner
Jade Computer Products
    Bus Probe   8K Static RAM   Z80 Board    FDC    64K Dynamic RAM    1P2S  I/O Board
               Serial/Parallel Board

History    SMC-100    SMC-200    DGC-100    Enhancer    Octopus
Lomas Data Products
History    Color Magic   Hazitall   Lightning One    RAM67    Thunder 186    LDP72 FDC   Mega RAM
               LDP128/258K RAM    LDP88 CPU    Megaram    NV-DISK
History    128K RAM    256K Dynamic RAM   512-ST RAM   1MG Dynamic RAM    2MG Dynamic RAM   
V-RAM  ADIT Board    80386 CPU Board    Z80/80286 Board

History    ALT256    ALT2048   ALT512

Measurement & Control Systems
History    DM64 Dynamic RAM      DMB64  Dynamic RAM    SMB Static RAM
History    FDC

MiniTerm Associates
History     Merlin Video Board

History     9900 CPU      64K RAM
Memory Merchant
History     16K RAM     64K RAM
MITS (Altair)
History    8080 CPU   1KRAM    4K Static RAM     4K Dynamic RAM     16K Static RAM   
16K Dynamic RAM    4PIO     ADC    VI/RTC    PCI    2K PROM     8K PROM   
               88-2 SIO   SIO-B   FDC Boards   TurnKey Board

Morrow Designs
History    24K RAM    64K RAM    Hard Disk Controller     SuperRAM     SwitchBoard
               Disk Jockey FDC   Z80 CPU   Multi I/O Board   DJ-DMA FDC   8KDRAM   HDC_DMA Controller  
Mountain Hardware
History    Clock Board    AC Controller    Prom Burner
History     Extender Board     Relay Board
History     Z80 Board    SBC    FDC
History     SBC

               Model 6 Music Board
History    Floating Point Board      MDC      MDS     Z80-CPU Board
32K Dynamic RAM     48K Dynamic RAM     64K Dynamic RAM    
              SIO Board    Hard Disk Controller    UP-8    8088 SBC
Objective Design Inc.
History    PCG Graphics Board  
Peak Electronics
History    68K8-CP
Pickles & Trout
History    488 Interface Board
History    SuperRAM 4   SuperRAM 50    PC-86 (8086 Board)   SuperRAM 2    SuperRAM 5  
               V-100 Video    D-100 HDC                
History    MM-103 Modem    Bell 212A Modem   VT1 Modem

PolyMorphic Systems
History    8080 CPU    Video Display Board     FDC    16K Dynamic RAM    Cassette Board 
               Printer Interface

Processor Technology
History    4K RAM   8KRAM    16k Dynamic RAM   48K Dynamic RAM    1702 ROM  
   CUTS    GPM    VDM1    Helios-II FDC

Retro PC Design
               Bus Probe
History    H19 Video Board
History    Z80-CPU   32K RAM   FDC  2S+P
History    MicroAngelo
Seals Electronics
History    8K Static RAM     4K ROM

Seattle Computer Products
History    8086 CPU    8086 Support Board    16K (24-101) RAM    16K (107A) RAM   
               16K RAM    64K RAM     Serial IO     DiskMaster

History    SemiDisk I & II
S.C Digital
History    80286 CPU board    256K Dynamic RAM    32K RAM    16K RAM    1MG Dynamic RAM 
               Z80 CPU Board  Support- I  128K RAM/ROM   FDC-1A  
               8086 Board   I/O Board (3SPC-N)    256K Static RAM
SD Systems
    Z8800 CPU    ExpandoRAM    ExpandoROM    Versafloppy I & II   VDB 8024
        SBC-100    4K RAM    PROM-100    I/O8 Serial Board    Other Boards

History    VDB-A Video Board  
Solid State Music
History    8K RAM    VB1B    8080 CPU    Z80 CPU    EPROM    IO4   IO5  PB1   VB3  
16K RAM    64K Static RAM    CB2-Z80 Board    MB10-16K RAM 

Space Byte
History    8085 SBC Board  
Static Memory Systems
History    64K Static RAM
Tarbell Electronics
History     Cassette Interface    Single Density FDC   Double Density FDC  
Z80 CPU Board   32K RAM
     Z80 CPU    SMB    Z16 RAM    32K Dynamic RAM    VDB-2

History     Digital to Analogue Converter    Analogue to Digital Converter     8086 Board    
                4 PIO   16K Static RAM      RT Video Display     PROM & IO     Expansion Multiplexer
History     Systemaster    Systemaster II    SBC-I    SBC 86/89    FDC    FDC-II   
                64K Dynamic RAM   TurboNET S-100
Vector Graphic
History     Bitstreamer II    Dual FD-HDC    Z80 CPU     8K Static RAM   
48K Dynamic RAM   64K Dynamic RAM    EPROM/RAM    ZCB    8080 CPU   
8" FDC    Flashwriter II   Micropolis FDC
32K RAM    8K RAM    8080 CPU   Z80  Front Panel Board  EPM-2   Other Boards
History    Hard Disk Controller

Z100 Lifeline
IDE Controller Board
Companies for which I have insufficient information to add a section currently.
Please help if you have manuals or pictures
Artec Electronics.  They were located in San Carlos, CA.  They made a 32K static RAM board as well as some prototype boards. See for example Interface Age May 1978, Vol 3, #5, p44
Canada Systems Inc. They were located in La Canada, CA. They made a Clock/Time board and a motor controller board. See for example Interface Age May 1978, Vol 3, #5, p52
Chrislin Industries.  They were located in Westlake Village, CA. In early 1980's they made a high density (64K) dynamic RAM board.
Digital Graphics Systems.  They were located in Palo Alto, CA.  They made high resolution graphic display and image capture S-100 boards. For example see Microsystems 1984, Vol 4, #10, p93.
International Micro Machines or IMM.  They were locate in Canoga Park CA. They advertised a series of static memory boards in 1980. See Microsystems Vol 1,#6 p27.
SPC Technologies Inc. They were located in Arlington VA. They made an S-100 9-track Tape drive controller  and a Floating Point Math board.  See Microsystems Vol 3, #2, p 53.
D&W Digital. They were located in Los Altos CA. They made an IEEE-488 interface board similar to the Pickles & Trout one. Appeared in 1982. See Microsystems Vol 3,#4,p90.
PCE Systems. They were locate in Carmichael CA. They made a S-100 256K dynamic RAM board and a 14" Winchester drive controller. They came out in 1981. See Microsystems Vol 2, #6, p15.
Illuminated Technology Inc. They were located in Oklahoma City OK. They had a great looking IEEE-696 compatible video board with resolutions up to 1024X1024X8 colors. They appeared in 1984 & 1985. See Microsystems Vol 5, #4, p41.
MicroDASys. They were located in Los Angeles CA.  They sold an interesting looking 8 port parallel, 2Serial port S-100 board. The board could be memory or IO mapped. They appeared in1980. See Microcomputing Feb 1980 p13.
Intelligent Computer Designs Corp.  They were located in Laguna Hills CA.  They made master/slave S100 SBC's. Appeared in1985. They used the HD64180 chip instead of a Z80. Similar setup's to TeleTek or ADC's. See MSJ Vol , #5, p58.
Micro Design Associates. They were located in Columbia MO.  They briefly came out with a very flexible S-100 FDC in 1984.  See MSJ Vol 5, #4, p67.
Performics Inc.  They were located in Kingston & Nashua NH. They had a number of interesting S-100 boards around 1984. These included a 256K static RAM board, a FDC board, a 1M Dynamic RAM board an 8086 and 80286 CPU board. See for example Microsystems 1984,  Vol5, #9, p 104.
Memory Merchant. They were located in San Leandro, CA. They made 16K (using 2114's) and 64K (using 6516's) Static RAM boards, a Z80 board and possibly others.  See for example Microsystems Feb 1983, Vol 4, #2, p38.
Octagon. They were located in San Jose, CA. They appeared in the mid 80's with complete 8 &16 bit S-100 bus systems in their own custom box. They had an NSC-800 (Z80 compatible)/8088 dual CPU board, a 512K dynamic RAM board and a 256K static RAM board. They also had a FCD and HDC board. See Microsystems 1984, Vol 5, #1, p130
Sierra Data Sciences.  They were located in Fresno, CA. They appeared in the early 80's. They had a Z80 SBC master and slave board and a 4 port serial board. See Microsystems 1982, Vol 3, #4, p1. For a history of SDS see here.
Earth Computers.  They were located in Fountain Valley, CA. They came late into the game but had some good SBC boards. For example a "Turbomaster 8" with a Z80H at 8MHZ, FDC,DHC,256K RAM etc. on one board. See S-100 journal, Spring 1986, Vol1, #3 p9. See here for more information about teh company.
SKI Elecronics. They were located in San Jose CA. They made a 8088 CPU board that was IEEE-696 compatable. All I have so far is an advertisement. See here.
Companies/Boards  for which I have manuals but no pictures.
Please help if you have a picture
Solid State Music              64K Static RAM Board.   (Manual)
Problem Solver Systems 16K RAM Board (Manual)
PolyMorphic Stystems      
16K Dynamic RAM (Manual), Cassette Board (Manual), Printer Interface (Manual)
ADC Board (Manual)


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