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PC86  -   8086 CPU Board
This board had was slated to have very fast (for the time)  running with up to a 10MHZ 8086.

Piiceon PC86

This was a 8086 CPU board that supported IEEE-696 requirements and supported 8 or 16 bit data paths.  It had 4K of EPROMS (expandable to 32K) as well as an 8086 onboard monitor. There was an RS323 interface (8251), an interval timer (8353) and an interrupt controller (8259).  It had 24 bit addr3essing capability on the bus. It was a 4 layer circuit board.  There were no sockets for the TTL chips.
I do not have a manual for this board if anybody can provide one (and/or a better picture) I will update the entry for this board.


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