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TecMar --  8086 CPU Board
The TecMar 8086 CPU board S-100 was in my opinion probably the best and cleanest designed S-100 8086 board. There were no PAL chips or other custom circuitry on the board.  Unfortunately it came out a little too late to win wide popularity in the S-100 Community.

tecMar 8086 CPU Board

This board had a very clean circuit design. It had its own 8259A on board Interrupt controller.  it was designed to run at 4, 5 and 8 MHz on the bus. It was a model example of how to place on 8086 CPU on the IEEE-696 bus.  The only thing lacking was a flexible wait state circuit for slow RAM and/or I/O ports. It would also have been nice if it had its own onboard EPROM.

The excellent manual that came with this board can be seen here.  It has an excellent discussion explaining how to put the 8086 on the S-100 bus.


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