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Wameco - History

WAmeco Logo

This was a company founded in 1976-77 by three engineers from the engineering firm Dalmo-Victor. They did a number of S-100 boards including a terminated motherboard, CPU, I/O, memory and disk controller, all in "passionate pink".  They were the only company to extensively use a pink material in the construction of their boards.  An (electronics surplus) dealer named Chuck Naegeli bought them out after a couple of years.  He also bought Solid State Music. 
One item this company made was an interesting "stand alone" S-100 motherboard. It was a useful board for testing boards outside your main system.  The manual can be obtained here.

Wamco Motherboard

If anybody has more information about this company pleased let me know. I will be pleased to share it for all to appreciate.


Wameco S-100 Boards
32K RAM    8K RAM    8080 CPU   Z80  FPB   EPM-2  IO Board  MEM-2 Board  FDC Board  Other Boards


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