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Ackerman Digital Systems -- KLUDGE CARD

If you ever wanted to do your own custom S-100 IEEE-696 board this board was marvelous.  The board had all the required IC drivers, power supply and switches you would need to interface to the S-100 bus already done for you.  This allowed you to add the special functions you required quickly without spending most of your time connecting up 24 address lines and 16 data lines etc. before you even got started.

ADS Kludge Board

Approximately half of an S-100 boards real estate was available on the board.  The "Kludge" area of the board is shown above in a board I built utilizing  a few odds and ends functions I wanted for My System.
The board had complete flexibility for switch selection of memory or device addresses.
There was on-board address/device decoding
There was on-board Bi-directional address/data bus buffering
There was extended address decoding switch selectable.
The board brought out to solder points on the board key status lines like SIXTN, sXTRQ HOLD, NMI etc.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

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