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Konan  SMC-100  --  Hard Disk Controller Board
This was Konan's initial S-100 board (actually board set) and still the main S-100 board they are known for.


 The SMC-100 consisted of a pair of boards (A & B)  that occupied two S-100 slots.  Konan started advertising this setup set back in 1979.  The boards were used for fixed and removable media disk drives with storage module (SMD) interfaces. It could control up to 4 drives per board set ranging from 4 to 600 MB, including most Winchester type drives.  Typical hard disks were those of Kennedy, Control Data, Fujitsu, Calcomp Memorex and Ampex.  Data transfer was fast (6-10 MHZ rates) with full on-board sector buffering and DMA transfer.
The CP/M support manual for the SMC-100 (and 200) system can be obtained here.


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