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Jade Computer Products -   Serial/Parallel I/O Board
The board was often called the Jade 1P2S board.

Jade 1P2S Board

The board had two serial I/O ports connected to programmable UARTS.  It had 1 parallel I/O port that was typically used for printer I/O.  Of the two serial ports, for one the signals could be either TTL or RS232 levels.  The other could be RS232 or a special interface for cassette tape storage.  UART baud rates were 75-9600, slow even for that time. 

Very useful however, there was circuitry for an audio cassette interface to read and record in the then popular "Kansas City Standard" format.  This BTW, ran at 1200 baud allowing the storage of about 180K on a 30 minute cassete.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.


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