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Compu/Time -  256K RAM Board
This looks like a great RAM board. It had its own onboard LSI dynamic RAM refresh controller. CompuTime had come a long way!  Unfortunately I cannot locate a manual for the board.  If you have one please let me know.

CompuTime 256K RAM Board

The CT256-I supports the following advanced features:
64K Bytes to 256K Bytes using 64K X 1 DRAM memory chips

256K Bytes to 1M Byte using 2ยง6K X 1 DRAM memory chips
Full IEEE-696 S100 bus support, including:
        24 bi t addressing
        Phantom mode option
        Error trap option
Memory management capability to allow the addressing of a full one megabyte of RAM for systems generating only a 16-bit address
Memory mapping on 16K or 64K boundaries
Flexible parity generation and detection capabilites:
        Parity latch and LED error indicator
        Optional interrupt on parity error
        Optional error trap on parity error
        Parity available on input status port
Refresh cycles performed transparently to system
Refresh during processor wait states or reset can be enabled through a jumper option, allowing use with systems incorporating a front-panel.
Onboard M1 wait state generator allows use of the CT256-I in systems with clocks up to 6 MHz.
Board operates at 4 MHz with no wait states.
Options provided for use of 200ns or 150ns RAMs.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

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