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Vector Graphic Dual-Mode Floppy & Hard Disk Controller Board 

This was both a floppy disk and hard disk controller all on one S-100 board.   There was circuitry for  5 or 10 Mbyte (Seagate) hard disks as well as the controller for Tandon double sided double density hard sectored floppy drives. The board could be used as a floppy only controller. The 8 inch FD-HD controller for the 40 Mbyte drives was very similar to this board.


The Vector "dual mode" floppy & hard disk controller had its own RAM, which was accessed through a control port. This provided high speed loading and unloading of data to and from the floppy & hard disks. Board control and status, were each accessed through two 8-bit register data ports. After the board receives the control signals and data in the correct format, it automatically sequence the physical reading or writing of the disks.
The board had built in hardware to generated Error Correction Code (ECC) of the data.  Write pre-compensation for disks that needed it was also an option.  It was quite a creative accomplishment at the time putting on one board what took others two boards to do. Unfortunately the floppy disks had to be hard sectored.
The schematic for the board can be obtained here.
I cannot locate a manual. If somebody can donate a pdf file I will put it here for others.


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