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Solid State Music - IO5 Boards
The company was clearly an extension of their earlier IO4 board.   Since it was a late production board by the company it was IEEE-696 compatible. 
Unfortunately the board is quite rare.


The IO5 serial and parallel l/O card provided an extremely flexible interfacing for an S-100 IEEE696 system. Two serial and 3 parallel input/output
ports supported a wide variety of devices such as:-


Serial and parallel printers
Card readers

Multiple boards could be used to support systems requiring a large number of peripherals for a wide variety of multi-user applications:--

Special purpose business applications (word processing, hotel management, banking terminals, training systems)
Real-time control systems (engraving, machine tools, robotics, energy management)
Data collection (quality control, laboratory data acquisition, communications message switching)
Add--in/upgrading of current S-1O0 systems (Northstar, Dynabyte, Cromemco, Ithaca)

Baud rates were individually selectable from 110 to 19,200 baud. Each serial interface was accessible from the bus as 110 in a status/data port pair.
Serial interfaces can be set through software for:-

5 to 8 data bits

1 or 2 stop bits
parity enable
parity even or odd
sending a break character
control the RTS and DTR

Seven standard signals were provided on an RS-232 connector for each serial interface:-

TD    (Transmit Data)
RD    (Receive Data)
RTS   (Request-To-Send)
CTS   (Clear-To-Send)
DTR   (Data Terminal Ready)
DSR   (Data Set Ready)
SG    (Signal Ground)

A 6821B PIA provided two 8-bit bidirectional parallel I/O ports. The 26 pin connector, J3, could be two 8-bit I/O ports or one 16-bit I/O port. Each of the
peripheral data lines could be individually programmed as an input or output. Each of the four control/interrupt lines could be programmed for one of several
control modes. These features allow a high degree of flexibility:-

Two 8-bit bidirectional I/O ports
Two programmable control registers
Two programmable data direction registers

Four individually controlled interrupt lines
Program-controlled interrupt and interrupt disable capability

An optional cable assembly was available for terminal printer or modem interfacing.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

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