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Matrox -- ALT256 VIDEO BOARD
This was the board that launched the Matrox company.

Matrox ALT256

 The ALT-256 low cost high resolution graphics interface can be used in a wide range of applications.  Typical examples range from video games like electronic etch-a-sketch, to industrial uses such as computer image processing.  The unit has 4 times the resolution of other S100 bus graphics at the time and includes features such as expansion for color/grey scale, external sync capability, on card refresh memory and direct S100 bus compatibility.  The ALT-256 was compatible with the ALT-2480 permitting a powerful combined alphanumeric/graphic display.  The onboard memory was made up of sixteen TMS4027-30 TI RAM chips.  It provided a 256X256 monochrome display.

The card had its own built-in TV sync generator. This generator could also be synchronized to an external TV sync signal. The card could be jumpered to work with either American or European TV standards.
The manual for this board may be obtained here


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