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Alpha Micro -  AM-300 Six Channel Serial I/O Board

This board came out in 1977. Again quite advanced for the time when most serial boards had only 2 serial ports. It is now quite a rare board.



The board was claimed to be S-100 compatible. (This needs to be confirmed since their AM-100 CPU was not).  It had six RS-232 I/O ports with 16 selectable baud rates each under software control. The maximum rate was 19,200 baud.   The board utilized six Western Digital UARTS (UC1617B's) for both Synchronous and Asynchronous modes of operation. Five  I/O ports were used for data and control. There was also multi level interrupt capability on the board.

The board was clearly designed for an efficient multiuser serial I/O system.   If anybody has a better picture of this board please let me know.
Unlike their AM-100 manual the manual for this board while adequate was minimal and can be obtained here.
I recently obtained a second more detailed manual which can be obtained here.
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