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Vector Graphic 8 Inch Floppy Disk Controller

When it became generally available Vector started using the Western Digital FDC chip moving away from the less common Micropolis hard sectored disks to the more common soft sectored format(s). They skipped the single density 1771 generation and moved directly to the double density chip.  They chose the true data lines input 1793 chip signals to the more common 1791/1795 chips. With the 1793 of course the board could deal with many disk formats. It  was IBM 3740 compatible in single density mode (FM) and System 34 compatible in double density mode (MFM). 

VG 8INCH fdc

The processor interface consists of an 8-bit bi-directional bus for data, status, and control word transfers.   The board also contains one serial RS-232 I/O port that is available to the user.   The heart of the serial I/O port is the 8251 USART integrated circuit. On-board circuitry allows the user to choose a serial transmission speed between 110 baud and 9600 baud controlled by an on-board baud rate generator. Provisions are also available for the speed to be controlled by an external clock. Jumper areas have been provided to allow the user to choose whether the serial port will be configured as DCE or DTE.

The manual for the board can be obtained here.


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