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SemiDisk Systems --  History

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SemiDisk Systems was founded by perhaps one of the most unusual and controversial characters amongst our list of S-100 board companies.  His name was Jim Bell.   Bell was born in Akron, Ohio and attended the MIT where he earned a degree in chemistry. After graduation, he worked for Intel before founding SemiDisk Systems, in 1982.  The company was located in Beaverton Oregon.  It focused on making memory chip based "solid state" disk drives.  It had a early lead in the field before the concept became widespread and for a short time the market was between them and Electralogics.  About the same time they went on to make IBM-PC (and even TRS 80 Model 2) memory disk boards.  SemiDisk closed in 1992.


SemiDisk  S-100 Boards

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