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Salota - Z80 CPU Board
This was a licensed copy of the NorthStar's Z80 CPU card for their Horizon System.

Solatata Z80 CPU Board

The board had an onboard 2708 EPROM (not present in the above card) with a Zapple like monitor and the ability to auto jump to this location at power on or reset. The auto jump feature could be set for any 1K boundary within the 64K and the PROM could be located at any 1K hex location. Interrupts could be recognized, latched and pritorized by onboard circuitry. One wait state could be added for slow RAM and I/O.

An interesting note is that this board was exactly copied/sub-licensed from Northstar.  The boards appear to be identical.
The Schematic for this board can be obtained here
The manual for the Northstar Z80 board can be obtained here.

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