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Seattle Computer Products -- (107A) 16K RAM Board

This was another SCP's 16K RAM board. The board utilized 8KX1 TMS 4044 RAM or, as in this case the equivalent (M5T4044) chips.

107A 16K RAM

The 8/16 RAM was a fully static, high performance 16K memory card which could be used with either 8-bit or 16-bit wide systems. Data path width was dynamically selected by the board depending upon the state of the sXTRQ* signal as specified by the IEEE Proposed Standard for the S-100 Bus.  

The board was designed to operate with the Seattle Computer Products 8086 CPU board with the CPU using clock speeds to 8 Mhz. The board uses "extended addressing" allowing it to be located within the full 16 megabyte addressable range of the IEEE bus.   It was very well laid out and quite simple to setup. You set the starting board address, if you were going to use 16 bit data paths, and if the Phantom line was to be used. Then you were ready to go.

The board was characterized by the same high noise immunity type design employed in the company's highly successful 8-bit PLUS and APEX memory cards.

The well written and detailed manual can be obtained here.


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