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Dual Systems --  AOM-12  Digital to Analog Board

The AOM-12 was a 4 channel, high precision digital to analog converter board for the IEEE-696 S-100 bus.

Duals Systems DtoA Board

The board had 12-bit +/- 1/2 L.S.B accuracy over full 0 to 70°C temperature range. Voltage outputs could be 0 to 10 volts, ±5 volts, and ±10 volts, jumper selectable. There was short-circuit protection on all voltage outputs.  A switch-programmable port base address selection allowed the use of multiple boards. You had the choice of straight binary or two's complement notation and all outputscould be reset to zero volts during power-up.

The AOM-12 analog output module is a 12-bit, 4-channel digital-to-analog (D-to-A) converter which converts digital commands from the computer into analog voltages.

Analog Connections
Analog voltage outputs leave the AOM-12 through a rugged 34-pin male PCB header located  at the top of the board. The header is arranged with alternate ground wires between all output lines to minimize crosstalk between channels.


The AOM-12 was simple to use and could be controlled using the "OUT" instruction in either BASIC or Assembly Language. Multiple AOM boards could be used in a system.

Specifications: Model AOM-12
Analog Outputs: Number of channels: 4.
Output Voltage Ranges: -10V to +10V, 0V to +10V, -5V to +5V.
Output Impedance (D.C.): 0.05 W typical.
Short Circuit Duration: Indefinite short-to-ground tolerated without damage.

Accuracy (0 to 70°C); Resolution: 12 bits.
Linearity Error: ±1/4 L.S.B. typical, ± 1/2 L.5.B. maximum.
Differential Linearity Error: ± 1/2 L.S.B. typical, ±3/4 L.S.B. maximum.
Guaranteed monotonic overfull 0 to 70°C temperature range.

Conversion Speed: Settling Time to ±0.01% of F.S.R. for F.S.R.
Change of -0V to 10V Range or -5V to 5V Range: 3msec. typical. -10V to 10V Range: 5 m/sec. typical.
For 1 LS.B. Change: 1.5 msec. typical.
Slew Rate: 10V/msec. min., 15V/msec typical.

Drift (0 to 70°C): Total Bipolar Drift- including gain, offset and linearity drifts: ±20 ppm F.S.R. per °C
Temperature: Rated for operation to 130°F.

I cannot locate a manual for this board. If you have one please let me know.


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