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Macrotech --  History

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Macrotech was a late arrival on to the S-100 Computer scene. They came out  in January 1983 with a 6 layer 128K static RAM card. They lasted into the late 80's and  specilized in very high end (most 6 layer) S-100 boards.  I don't think they made more than 7 different types of boards in total -- but they were all exceptional. They were located in Canoga park and later in  Chatsworth, CA.

Note there also was a company called Macrotech Computer Products Ltd. that made Apple II add-on boards located in Vancouver, Canada.

Marcotech founder was Mike Pelkey, he designed the above RAM board and built the company, the initial investor was Ken King who owned another company building power supplies. After a few years there became a power struggle between these two and Mike lost and left the company, though he was still a share holder. Howard Ogle was named CEO and tried to carry on, but finally Ken King wanted to sell it or close it - that brought Larry Page into the picture - owner of Page Electronics, Larry was a large dealer of Alpha Micro Systems another S-100 bus system running the 68000 series of CPU - using AMOS (Alpha Micro Operating System). Larry ended up buying the company. 


Macrotech  S-100 Boards
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