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Vector Graphic 8K Static RAM
Vector Graph developed a range of RAM cards over time. The 8K static RAM was their first.


The 8K Static Memory board was designed to be plug-in compatible with any of the early S-100 systems, a Vector 1, Altair, IMSAI and Poly 88 systems etc. The memory operated at the maximum speed of 8080A MPU or Z-80 MPU capacity with no wait states required in those systems. The memory chip address inputs were buffered to reduce capacitance loading on the address bus, a major plus since this could exceed 2000 pf in a large system. Address selection was by means of a DIP switch located on the upper edge of the board. With this feature the user could change the board address for programs that run in high memory without having to remove the board from the computer. The board can be write protected also. Typical power consumption of the 250 NS board was 1.6 amps using Fairchild 2102L chips. No schematic was supplied with the card -- something somewhat unusual at the time.
The manual for this card can be obtained here


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