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Electronic Control Technology 
- 16K RAM Board

This was a follow-on of ECT's 8K RAM board and was their main RAM board until 1981.

16 K Static RAM

This 16K RAM memory board was a fully static 16K S-100 bus memory board (pre IEEE-696) which utilized a 4K fully static memory IC like the 2102 except, that it had four times the capacity per IC package and less power per bit. Being fully static it eliminated the incompatibility that often existed with DMA devices or other devices which sometime occurred with dynamic or clocked static memory. All signals to MOS RAM were buffered by low power TTL to prevent damage by static electricity and to minimize capacitive loading on the bus.

No wait states were required for 8080 or Z80 or other CPU operation at 2 MHz (4 MHz optional). A DIP switch was provided for address selection in 16K blocks. Spare IC spaces were provided for user of customized circuits, such as memory protect, bank selection, wait states, 16 bit operation or other special features. Battery back-up could also be wired in. Low profile IC sockets were provided for all ICs.

MEMORY SIZE:  16.384x8 bits
MEMORY TYPE: 4,096 x 1-bit static RAM 4044, 7141, 5257, 9044 or equal
IC ACCESS TIME: 450 nS standard (other speeds opĀ­tional 250 nS)
BUS LOADING: 1 low power TTL load per line used.
POWER (TYPICAL): 1.5 A at +6V
SIZE: 5.3" x 10" x 1/16"
PC MATERIAL: G10 or FR4 double sided 2 oz, copper with plated through holes
EDGE CONTACTS: 50 per side on 0.125" spacing, gold over nickel plated
FINISH: Solder mask both sides with silk screened legend
SOCKETS: Low profile sockets for all ICs

The manual for this board can be obtained here.



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