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Teletek  Systemaster-II
This SBC was an extension/improvement of their earlier Systemaster.  It too could be used in a single user system or as a master in a multi-processor network.


The Systemaster II was the next evolutionary step in Teletek's line of S-100 master processors. The Systemaster II was an 8-bit, full function single board computer consisting of 85 integrated circuits on a four-layer S-100 board. At the heart of Systemaster II was
the powerful Zilog Z80H microprocessor (H for high speed).  High performance, and greater memory density were achieved on a standard size S-100 board through use of the the then latest LSI support circuitry. The flexibility of using the board in a single-user or multi-processor was possible because the Systemaster II contained all  of the features required for most applications.
These features include:

Two serial ports.
Two parallel ports.
A flexible disk interface.
64K or 128K bytes of dynamic RAM.
Reconfigurable EPROM pads for high density integrated circuits.
DMA capabilities, fully programmable.
Interrupt controller, 8 individual vectors.
Optional adapters for IEEE 488 or SCSI control.

With the above capabilities Systemaster II could provide high performance computing power in: Word processing, Data base management,  Dedicated industrial control, Laboratory and instrumentation control etc.  There was an 8MHZ version of the board that ran the bus at that speed if other boards could keep up.  Otherwise it was set to 6MHZ.  One problem with this board is it required a large slice of the I/O address space (0H to 1FH).  Other S-100 boards had to keep outside this range.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.


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