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Advanced Digital Corp. --  Super Quad SBC
This was Advanced Digital Corp's first S-100 board.  It was a very densely packed Z80 (4MHZ) based SBC.


This board was IEEE-696 compatible and had 64K of dynamic RAM on board.  This memory could be banked selected or extended addressing. There was a Western Digital FDC chip capable of talking to both 8" and 5" drives.  There were two serial ports (Zilog SIO) and two parallel ports (Zilog PIO). There also was room on board for up to 4K of EPROM.   ADC provided drivers for CPM, MP/M and Turbo-DOS. The board was meant to primarily serve the ADC Super-Slave Z80 CPU boards in a multi-user system, but of course it could be run in any S-100 system by itself.

The manual and schematic for this great looking board can be obtained here


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