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Electralogics --  History
This was the first board Electralogics introduced. It was a very nicely designed 64K static RAM board well designed with some nice unusual features.

64K Static RAM

The board had On-board Bank Select (Cromemco standard) circuitary as well as IEEE-696 Extended-Addressing capability.  No wait states were necessary with 4MHZ CPUs, (150 nsec RAM chips were used).  The board also accepted the Phantom line (S-100 line #67). There was an activity LED at the top center of the board. Yellow meant the board was selected, red indicated it was being accessed.

One really nice feature was the row of switches across the top of the board allowed each 2K X8 RAM block the be selected or disabeled.

2716 EPROM's could be substituted for the 2K X 8 RAM chips.  The board used only the +8 Volt line. Typical active board consumption of 350 milliamps at 8 Volts. Inactive power consumption is less than 250 milliamps at 8 Volts.

The manual for the board cam be obtain here


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