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Morrow - Z80 CPU board
This was Morrows Z80 CPU card. It was quite popular and a very reliable card.
This is the best picture so far I can locate for this S-100 board. If you have a better one please send it to me I will place it here for all to appreciate.

Morrow Z80 Board

Morrow Designs' Decision CPU circuit board was an S-100 bus single board computer conforming to the proposed IEEE-696 standards for interface.   
The CPU board features were:-

A 4 MHz Z80 microprocessor chip.
An optional 9512 floating point processor.
24 bits of address space allowing access to over 16M bytes of physical memory.
On-board memory consisting of 2K  bytes of  EPROM and 1K byte of RAM memory.
Sophisticated hardware memory management circuitry which was dynamically alterable to the operating system.
Sophisticated hardware trap mechanisms that allowed the operating system control over user access and operation.
Stop trap option which may be activated to aid in debugging software.
The CPU board only required power from the +8 volt and +16 volt supplied sources for operation.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.


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