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Ackerman Digital Systems -- Promwriter

If you ever wanted to program your own custom EPROM this board was marvelous.  While there were a number of other EPROM S-100 boards out there at the time none could do all the different EPROMS this board could.

ADS Promwriter

The board could handle 2708's, 2716's, 2732's, 2764's, even 16K TMS2528's and EEPROMS like HN48016's or MCM2816's
Normally you would stick the board in an extender board so you could ad and remove the PROM easily.  As described in the manual ADS supplied a CPM program to burns  a .HEX file well as support to check things before and afterwards.

For what it is worth I have had difficulty burning some 2732 and 2732A EPROMS with this board. Particularly the Intel ones. I'm not sure why. They seem to run hot during programming.  At the same time I had absolutely no difficulty wit Hitachi 2732A EPROMS with the same software and hardware.  On another occasion the transistor Q10 (top right) on the board blew out and had to be replaced.
The manual for this board can be obtained here.
The "PROM.COM" program to burn the various PROMS can be downloaded from here

The load/burn commands in the manual are a little confusing.
To burn a 2732 UV EPROM for a monitor at say F000H-FFFFF use the following:-
L Monitor(.HEX), 6000
O 5000
D0,100   (To check first 100 bytres are correct)
DF00,FFF (To check the last 100 bytes are correct).
T INT 2732  (or HN42732)


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