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Macrotech -- 128K Static RAM
This was an early Macrotech S-100 board. It came out in mid-1983.

Macrotech 128K RAM

The board contained 128 Kilobytes of 70NS CMOS static RAM all on one board. It had a 6-layer printed circuit board which provided ultra high stability.  It was designed to operate in any S-100 system, (IEEE or non-IEEE). There was external battery backup capability. There was a 16-bit addressing option and a memory mapping system they called  (M3) "bank select" that  allows each 4K block of the 16 bit (64K) logical addresses to be dynamically translated to any 4K block of the128K on-board physical memory. Being IEEE-696 of course it took an 8 or 16 bit data path.  The problem was at the time it was quite expensive ($1300). Two 64K static boards were far cheaper.

I do not have a copy of the manual for this board. If you can share one please let me know.


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