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Seattle Computer Products -- (24-101) 16K RAM Board

This was SCP's first 16K RAM board. The board utilized 8KX1 TMS 4044 RAM chips.

SCP 16K (24-101) RAM Board

This   board was  fully  compatible with the early S-100 bus  and interfaced without difficulty to the MITS 8080,  IMSAI, Poly  88, Sol 20, Cromemco, Alpha-Micro,  and similar microprocessor systems.   It was designed to operate without wait   states with  a Z-80A processor operating at  4Mhz.  when populated with the  250 nsec. memory chips.     With 450 nsec. chips,   it would operate in 2 Mhz. systems without wait  states.     Its fully static  design ensures "no clocking or interference problems" when  used for DMA. The board via the dip switch could be addressed ay any 4K boundary.  The board recognized the S-100 phantom disable line on pin 67.  The board via a dip switch could separately write protect each separate 4K of RAM on the board.  It should be noted the board did not have data bus buffers and so did not work well in large S-100 bus systems with many other cards.
The manual for this board may be obtained here


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