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Advanced Digital Corp. --  Super SlaveSBC
This board was a late addition to the CPU line. Unfortunatly I have no further information about it at this time.

ADC MultiSlave

The AD Multi Slave provided the following features:-

Three independent 8-bit, 8 MHz Z80 microprocessors. Each CPU has 128k of memory, configured as two 64k byte banks, with 1k to 16k area of common (shared)

Two asynchronous serial I/O ports per CPU. Level conversion to EIA RS-232C or RS-422 standards is provided via the PS/NET (paddle card) accessory.

Independent baud rate selection on each serial  port.

Counter/Timer providing real time clock capability.

User selectable PROM, jumper configurable for one of the following: 2716, 2732, 2764, 27128, or 27256.  EPROMS.

IEEE-696 S1OO Bus Compatibility

Automatic power-on/reset bootstrap loader and resident monitor/debugger utility.

The Advance Digital reference manual for this board can be found here.


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