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Teletek  History

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Teletek was founded in 1968 as a repair and calibration facility located in Sacramento, CA.  Teletek designed systems for US military and government organizations. In 1978 Teletek bought a firm which had developed and marketed a few S-100 boards. They were located in Sacramento, CA. The company was a relatively late arrival on to the S-100 Computer scene. They lasted into the mid 80's and largely specilized in high end master/slave SBC systems and then moved into IBM-PC boards. 

Currently I have no further information about the company, its founders or what happened to them. If you have information you would like to share please let me know.


Teletek  S-100 Boards
Systemaster    Systemaster-II    SBC-I    SBC 86/87    HDC    FDC-II     FDC    64KRAM  


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