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Dual Systems --  VIC 4-20  Analog To Digital Board

The VIC 4-20 converts voltage outputs from an AOM-12 into four separate 4-20Ma current outputs.

Dual Systems AtoD Board

The board provided industry-standard 4-20ma output controls.  There was overvoltage protection on all current outputs. Each output had 12-bit resolution.  Accuracy was 12-bit ± 1/2 L.S.B. from 0 to 70°C temperature.  There was also transient protection per ISA standards.  The board claimed a low drift of .01%/°C

The VIC4-20 was a voltage-to-current converter module which provided 4-20 mA current outputs when used in conjunction with the Dual Systems AOM-12. It converted the 0-10V of the AOM-12 output to a 4-20 mA output.
Analog Connections
The analog current outputs leave theVIC4-20 through a rugged 34-pin male PCB header located at the top of the board. The header is arranged with alternate ground wires between all output lines to minimize crosstalk between channels.

Specifications: Model VIC4-20
Signal Input Voltage Range: 0 to 10 Volts.
Signal Output (for V supply = +15V) 4 to 20 mA with 0 to 500 W maximum internal impedance.
Dynamic Response
Slew Rate: 2.5 mA/microsecond.
Settling Time: 24 microseconds for 10V step.
Temperature Range  -25C to +85C
Non-Linearity  0.025%

I cannot locate a manual for this board. If you have one please let me know.


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