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Harte Technologies - Super I/O Controller

This board was an answer to the wide verity of IDE hard disks that became cheap and abundant in year 2002 and beyond.

Heart IO Controller

The Harte Tec Super I/O Controller Board provided a complete I/O subsystem for the IEEE-696 bus. The board supported 8-bit address decoding for compatibility with the original IMSAI 8080 and other S-100 bus systems as well as enhanced 16-bit address decoding supported by IEEE-969 systems. The board also supported DMA for floppy disk access via an on-board DMA controller. The Super-I/O controller did not however support the IEEE-696 Temporary Master Access (TMA) requirements.

The Super I/O Controller provides the following features:-
Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMsC) FDC37C935APM Super I/O Controller.
Support for two Floppy Diskette drives, in any combination:
3.5-inch 2.88MB, 1.44MB, 720KB.
5.25-inch 1.2MB, 360KB, DS/HD, DS/DD, SS/DD, SS/SD.
8-inch Single or Double-Density.
Two NS16550-compatible UARTS.
One IEEE-1284-compatible parallel port.
PS/2-compatible keyboard/mouse controller.
Two independent IDE channels supporting up to two IDE devices each.
Battery backed real-time clock/calendar with non-volatile RAM.
128KB FLASH memory with banked memory support and a selectable window size.

This amazing board had only one disadvantage and that was the I/O address range was fixed (and was large). The table below shows the relevant ports.

IO Port Addresses
The very detailed manual for this board can be obtained here.  (This is a large file, it takes time to download).
Also supplied with the board is an excellent set of example software of a CPM BIOS, loader etc. All this is contained in in the file BIOS3-M80.zip


Heart Technologies S-100 Boards
Super I/O Controller


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