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Pickles & Trout --  History

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Pickles & Trout setup by Greg Pickles and Dona Trout were best known for their business of providing CP/M systems and software for the TRS 80 and later computers.  However they started their business in the late 70's by producing a specilized board for the S-100 bus. It was a board that allowed any S-100 system to act as a talker, listener or controller to any IEEE-488 instrument interfaced to it.   As far as I know this is the only S-100 board they made. A very specilized board but very useful if you needed one.   The company was located Goleta CA.

Currently I have no further information about the company, its founders or what happened to them.  If you can add anything please let me know.


Pickles & Trout  S-100 Boards
488 Interface board

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