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Konan  SMC-200  --  Hard Disk Controller Board
This was essentially Konan's SMC-100 dual board set compressed into a single S-100 board.


The boards were used for fixed and removable media disk drives with storage module (SMD) interfaces. It could control up to 2 drives per board set ranging from 4 to 1200 MB, including most Winchester type drives.  Typical hard disks were those of Kennedy, Control Data, Fujitsu, Calcomp Memorex and Ampex.  Data transfer was fast (6-10 MHZ rates) with full on-board sector buffering and DMA transfer.  The controller was format compatible with it's predecessor the SMC-100.  The board appeared to the CPU as six I/O ports (Drive select, Commands, sector address, sector buffer and status).   There was a common "bus cable" to both drives and a two smaller cables, one to each drive.
The CP/M support manual for the SMC-100 (and 200) system can be obtained here.
The manual for this drive can be obtained here.


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