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Lomas Data Products - History

LDP Logo

Lomas Data products or LDP as they were often called, come late in the S-100 Computers era. They lasted well into the mid 80's selling quite sophisticated systems for commercial use. They were located in Marlboro and later Westborough, Mass.  The fonder was a Rick (or Richard?) Lomas. I have no further information about the company itself. If anybody can contribute please let me know.

LDP as I said sold  sophisticated boards, primarily 8086, 80186 and greater boards.  They eventually sold a complete systems, the LDP-2 and the S100-PC which was completely IBM PC-DOS compatible.

LDP Systems

A note of caution; some of the later LDP boards and systems were run without the voltage regulators on the boards. Instead, 5V was supplied on a non-standard S-100 bus.  If you put these boards into a standard S-100 system without the regulators reattached, you will fry the board IC's.
Other LDP  S-100 Boards
Color Magic     Hazitall     Lightning One   RAM67   FDC   Thunder 186    MEGARAM 


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