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California Computer Systems - 2422 FDC  Board
This was a fairly standard FDC board.  The only thing unusual was that by modifying the board you could get it to work with PerSci drives. It utilized the Western Digital 1793 (non inverted data bus 1791) FDC chip.

CCS-FDC Board-2

CCS's 2422 Floppy Disk Controller supported single- and double-density data formats, single- and double-sided 5.25" and 8" drives, and provided a 2K ROM containing software debugging routines and a bootstrap loader for loading CP/M (Digital Research's single-user operating system) from diskette. The 2422 was designed especially for use in CCS's system 2210, but provided a number of user options for compatibility  with  other   systems  and   software.
The   2422   incorporated the  following   features: The well written manual can be obtained here.

Greg Beat has submitted the following support information for a reproduction of this board done by Richard Camrada and Todd Goodman. See here


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