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I/O Technology -  RGB Video Board
This was a highly specilized board to utilize a supermarket type bar code reader.

I/O technology RGB Video

The board utilizes the NEC 7220/lntel 82720 Graphics display Controller with 64K of RAM which, in hardware, generates lines, arcs, rectangles and graphics characters at high speed and provides for programmable display resolutions up to 512 x 512 pixels. Four planes of local video memory and a color mapper allow the selection of 16 colors from a palette of 4096 colors, and each plane can be partitioned into multiple frame buffers. There could be two independently scrollable areas, panned and had a zoom feature.  Communications to the board could be via I/O ports or memory mapped.

Applications for the board
included presentation-level graphics, wire-frame animation and computer aided design. 

The brochure for this board can be obtained here.
I do not have a manual for this board. If you would like to share one please let me know.


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