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Alpha Micro -  Other Boards

Alpha Micro made a number of special boards for their systems over the years. A number of these boards had an S-100 Bus interface but were "double height". They would not fit in most S-100 systems but did fit in the relatively large S-100 boxes the company made.  Currently I have little information about the boards themselves, but I am including pictures of two I located.  If you have any information or manuals you can add please let me know.

AM Unknown 1

The above board is either an AM710 or AM715. They were 512K and 2MB respectively




The above board  was a 4MG Dynamic RAM Board.  Quite impressive at the time.



AM unknown 2

The above board was  their AM-100/L,  a 68000 based CPU board.



Unknown 3

The above board looks like some kind of serial I/O board.




The above board was a SCSI Controller board.




The above board was a memory controller. It was not used by the AM100L but was used by the AM100T.


It's unclear what this board is for.



AUX-IO Controller

It's unclear what this board is for. It contains a battery so it probably at least contains a RTC.

Other Alpha Micro  S-100 Boards

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