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S-100 Computers News Page

This page will contain S100 Computer (and other antique computer) news and events that may be of general interest to viewers of this web site.  If you have any news or events that you feel may be of general interest please submit them to me.  It also contains a status update on our current boards being fabricated.

Reorder Of Past S100Computers Boards
A number of people have expressed interest in obtaining one or more of our past S100 boards.  Many of these S100 boards can be obtained from the RetroBrew Computers WiKi. If you would like a particular board but missed the boat when the board was originally announced and it is not available on the RetroBrew Computers site you may be able to obtain it when I will announce a board reorder run. I hope to do this from time to time (every few months), on the S100Computers Google Groups forum

Note, there are some left over boards from previous orders listed below on this page.

S100 Order List for Past S100Computers Boards
The following people are on the order list for These boards.  The backorder list is now closed.
Robert Grier       2 Dual IDE Boards
David Fry          1 Full Size 80486
Gary Milliorn      1 68M board, 1 Dazzler II Board, 1 Full Size 80486 Board, 1 32/64MB OTT SRAM board (4 layer).
Yoda               2 32/64MB OTT SRAM Boards (4 layer), 2 Buffered Prototype boards, 2 PIC/RTC
David Hornbaker    2 32/64MB OTT SRAM Boards (4 layer), 1 80486 Board, CPLD Programmer
Bob Bell           1 68000 Board
Nick Waun          1 32/64MB OTT SRAM Board (4 layer), 1 PDP11 CPU
Vernon             2 32/64MB OTT SRAM Boards (4 layer)
Joe Meyer          1 Console IO Board, 2 Z80 CPU boards, 1 Serial IO Board, 1 PIC/RTC, 1 Z80 SBC
Andrew Bingham     1 Z80 SBC
James Sternberg    1 Z80 CPU, 1 Console-IO, 1 Dual IDE, 1 16MB RAM, 1 SMB, 1 ZFDC, 1 Serial IO, 
                   2 RAM Mezzanine Boards, 1 Z80 SBC
Jordi Solis        1 VDP Video + 1 Z80 SBC, 1 Console IO, 1 Dual IDE
Hansit             1 Z80 CPU, 1 Console IO, 1 Dual IDE, 1 16MG SRAM, 1 SMB, 1 ZFDC, 1 Serial IO, 1 68K CPU Board,
                   1 Dazzler II, 1 RAM+ROM, 2 RAM Mezzanine Boards
John Reeves        2 Console-IO Boards
G. Beat            1 32/64 MB OTT RAM Board (4 layer), 4 Mezzanine boards
Brice Hassenstab   1 Z80 CPU, 1 Console IO, 1 Dual IDE, 1 16 MB RAM, 1 SMB, 1 ZFDC, 1 Serial, 2 RAM Mezzanine Boards
Paul Birkel        1 16MB RAM, 1 VGA 16 bit, 1 32/64MB OTT SRAM Boards (4 layer), 1 RAM+ROM, 12 RAM Mezzanine Boards
Dusan  Strika      1 Z80 CPU, 1 68K CPU, 1 RAM+ROM, 1 Console IO, 1 Dual IDE, 1  TIL Display board
Jeff Albrecht      2 Buffered prototype boards, 2 ZFDC, 1 Z80 CPU, 1 PIC/RTC
Terry Schembri     1 MSDOS Support Board
Eric Dale          1 Dual IDE, 1 ZFDC, 1 SMB, 1 PIC/RTC, 1 Propeller Console IO, 1 8086, 1 MSDOS Support,
                   1 RAM+ROM, 1 Z80 CPU Board, 1 Serial IO
Donald Burns       2 Duel IDEs, 1 Z80 SBC, 1 Console IO, 2 ZFDC Boards
Jfre               1 SMB, 2 Dual IDE, 2 16MG RAM, 2 Keyboard Adaptor, 2 MSDOS Support, 2 8086, 2 Console IO,
                   1 Bus Extender, 2 ZFDC, 2 Z80 SBC
Ian Litchfield     1 Z80 SBC, 1 Console IO
Tim Acker          1 Console IO, 1 RAM+ROM, 6 RAM Mezzanine Boards
Lyndon Bradish     1 Console IO, 1 S100 Buffered Prototype Board  
Howard  Feindel    2 MSDOS Support Boards
Mark Kaufmann      1 Dazzler II, 1 MSDOS Support, 1 80486, 1 VGA 16 bit, 1 OTT 32/54 RAM (4 layer),
                   4 RAM mezzanine boards, 1 VGA mezzanine, 1 Z80 CPU, 2 Dazzler Joystick boards
Richard Pope       1 OTT 32/64 MG RAM (4 layer), 3 RAM Mezzanine, 2 IDE, 1 Z80 CPU, 1 Serial IO,
                   1 CPLD Programming Board, 1 SMB, 1 TIL Mezzanine.
Dave Sroelov       1 Duel IDE Board
Dave Kamalsky      1 Duel IDE Board
David Stewart      1 V2 Edison Board

S100 Order List for The 68030 CPU  Board
The following people so far are on the order list for This board . The order list is now closed.
Todd Goodman               3
Rod Smedley                1
Nick Waun                  1
Yoda                       2
Rick Bromagem              2
Andrew Bingham             1
Gary Kaufman               3
Nekonoko                   1
Jfre                       2
William Stewart            2
Bob Bell                   1
Jxm                        2
Thierry Schembri           1
Dave London                2
Jordi Autocet              2
John Reeves                2
Paul Birkel                2
Joe Meyer                  1
Harold Rothwell            1
Richard P McCoy            1
Alex Swedenburg            1
Vince Mulhollon            2
Hansit                     2
Thomas Riesen              1
Dennis B. D'Annunziuo      1
David Hornbaker            1
Dan Smith                  1
Sven Schott                1
Tim Acker                  1
Greg Beat                  1
Brian Marstella            1
Richard Pope               1
David Hornbanker           1
G. Beat                    1
Vernon                     1
Howard Feindel             2
Steven Feinsmith           1

CompuPro S100 Bus Motherboard/Power Supply/Box List
Recently a number of Compupro Power Supply/Motherboard boxes have become available for free.  I will ship these to some of our "regular" members.

The list of people due to receive these systems is listed below. Those in yellow are already sent:-
David Jones           #1
John Frenzel          #3  
Joe Meyer             #4
Tim Acker             #6
Dave London          
Michael Wachur        #7
Gary Milliorn         #10
Peter Ruetz           #9 (Local)
Bob Bell              5
Richard P McCoy       #11
Barry Marshall
This "order" is now closed.

S100 Order List for The Edison II  Board
This board  has been shipped to the following people:-
Todd Goodman           3
Paul Birkel            3
Howard Feindel         2   + eight v06D mezzanine boards
Andrew Bingham         1
Rod Smedley            2
Yoda                   2
Dave London            2
Richard Camarda        1
Gary Kaufman           2
Eric Dale              1
Harold Rothwell        2
Alex Swedenburg        1
Thomas Riesen          1
Richard P McCoy        1
Rick Bromagem          1
Michael Petry          2
John Reeves            2
Steven Feinsmith       1
Henrik Ståhl           2
nekonoko               1
Jordi Solis            1  + CPLD programming board
Joe Meyer              2  + CPLD programming board
Brian Marstella        2
Jfre                   2
David Rosenberger      2
Eric Dale              1
Tim Acker              1
Kipp Yeakel            1
Robert Greenstreet     1
John Simkiss           1

S100 Order List for The PDP-11 CPU  Board
This board  so far has been sent to the following people:-
Lyndon Bradish             2
Jim Orchard                1
Vernon                     1
John Reeves                1
joe meyer                  2
Todd Goodman               3
Richard Cini               1
Harold Rothwell            1
lcyoung                    1
Vince Mulhollon            2
Dave London                2
David Jones                1
Richard Camarda            1
David Mehaffy              2
David Rosenberger          2
nekonoko                   1
Andrew Bingham             1
Bob Bell                   1
Rob Doyle                  1
Gary Milliorn              1
David Hornbaker            1
Gary Kaufman               3
Robert Greenstreet         1
Dave Roberts               1
Marty                      1
Alex Swedenburg            1
Charles Ledford            2
Richard P McCoy            1
Henrik Ståhl               2
Brian Marstella            1
Leon Byles                 1
Rick Bromagem              1
Paul Birkel                2
David Fry                  1
G.Beat                     1 
Malcolm Macleod            1
Steven Feinsmith           1
Mike Niswonger             1
Dave Roberts               1
Mark Thomas                2
Alex Jacocks               1
Jonathan Chapman           1
Jim Orchard                1
Charles Ledford            1
Steven Feinsmith           1

Order List for The Edison I Board
This board  so far has been sent to the following people:-
Fred A                      1
David London                2
Alex Swedenburg             1
Richard P.McCoy             1
Dennis Bernardo D'Annunzio  1       
Dave Mehaffy                2
Garry Kaufman               2
Richard Camarda             1
Jbensadon                   1
'Rick' via S100Computers    1
Harold Rothwell             1
Michael Petry               2
Thierry Schembri            1
nekonoko                    1
Kipp Yeakel                 1
Rod Smedley                 1    + (2Dazzler,2Joysticks,1CPLD board)
David Rosenberger           2
Richard Pope                1    + (Propeller Console IO Board)
Joe Meyer                   2

New Users

To help new users here are some suggested setups:-


Z80 SBC + Console IO Board + Duel IDE/CF Board.
Starter Z80/CPM system:
Z80 CPU Board + Console IO Board + Duel IDE/CF Board + 16MB RAM+ SMB
Better Z80/CPM system:-
Add  ZFDC Board + Serial IO board
Basic 8086/MSDOS system:
Add 8086 Board + MSDOS Support board
Better MSDOS system:
Add Baby 80486 + VGA (16 bit) Board.
Sophisticated MSDOS system:
Add Full Size 80486 + OTT 32/64 MB RAM
Other popular boards:
68K CPU Board, Dazzler II Board, RAM+ROM Board, Parallel Ports Board, PIC/RTC Board, 80286,80386.
All boards will cost $18 each + Shipping.  The 4 layer Full size 80486 and OTT RAM boards are $36/board. Mezzanine boards cost between $4-$16 depending on the board (see below). All are payable with PayPal upon receiving boards.

Boards Currently available
There are still a few S100 bare boards available from previous orders:-

Edison-II CPU Board                            7
VGA (16 Bit) Board V15a                        3
VGA Board Trident Chip Adaptor                 6
S100 Bus 80386 CPU Board  V2.31                3
S100 Bus 80486 CPU Board V15a                  4
80386/80486 32/64MB OTT RAM Board V3.11b       3
16 MB Static RAM   V5.0                        4 (Note, will not work with the 80486 Board, other CPU's boards are OK).
16 MB Static RAM   V4.0                        4 (Note, will not work with the 80486 Board, other CPU's boards are OK).
RAM+ROM Board                                  1
Parallel Ports Board                           3
ZFDC Floppy Disk Controller Board              6
System Monitor Board V3.01a                    6
System Monitor Board TIL Mezzanine Board       8
Serial IO Board                                8
Dazzler Joystick Boards                        8
16M Static RAM V6.0a                           3
16MB/32MB RAM Mezzanine boards V06d            20
CPLD Programming motherboard                   3
Console IO Board                               7
Z80 CPU Board                                  3
IDE/CF Board V3a                               4
MSDOS Support Board V3.0a                      5
S100 Bus Extender Board V2.0a                  3
Buffered Prototype Board V3.0a                 3
8086 CPU Board V2.0b                           2
Z80 SBC board                                  7
VDP Video Board V04                            2
PIC/RTC Board V1.1                             6
68030 CPU Board V1.1                           20            

Boards will cost $18/board each + shipping. If required, $16 for the VGA Adaptor board, SMB mezzanine board, Dazzler-II Joystick boards (a pair), and  the CPLD mini-boards.  The Static 16MB/32MB RAM mezzanine boards are $16 for a set of 4. The Full size 80486 & 32MB OTT RAM (4 layer) boards are $32 each. These are complicated boards, except for the Z80 SBC, most boards here will be held for long term "regular/experienced" S100Computers users. 

About every 6 months I announce a general reorder of most S100Computers S100 boards.  It will be announced here. 

Also a few long term users mention a stock of some of our most popular boards. They are listed here (along with a number of other "ReteroBrew Computer" boards). 
Please see here:-


Recent Past S100 Board Reorders.
The boards below have been sent out (on 1/7/2017) to the following people:-
Randall McLaughlin      1 68K
David Fry               1 68K
Alex Swedenburg         1 16MB RAM, 1 CPLD Programming Board, 1 SMB + TIL Mezzanine Board
Jeff Albrecht           1 RAM+ROM, 1 16MB RAM+4 Mezzanine boards, 2 Console IO boards
Walter Miraglia         1 Serial, 1 Dazzler II + 2 Joysticks
Fabio Battaglia         1 Full Size 80486, 1 32MB OTT RAM+4 Mezzanine boards, 1 Dazzler II + 2 joysticks,
                         1 VGA-16 Bit+1 Mezzanine board, 1 MSDOS Support, 1 68K
Rick Bromagem           1 Parallel Ports, 1 Serial, 1 MSDOS Support, 1 Dual IDE, 1 16MB RAM+
8 Mezzanine Boards, 1 Z80 Board
Geoffrey Coward         1 Serial
Vernon Sawers           1 Baby 80486
G Beat                  1 CPLD Programmer board, 1 Serial I/O board
Jordi Solis             1 Console IO Board, 1 Dual IDE, 1 ZFDC Board, 1 MSDOS Support Board
Fred Angstadt           1 Console IO Board, 1 Dual IDE, 1 SMB + TIL Mezzanine Board, 1 Serial IO, 1 Dazzler + 2 joysticks
Michael Wachur          1 VGA (16 bit), 1 Baby 80486, 1 SMB + TIL Mezzanine Board

Dazzler II Video Board
This board  has been shipped to the following people on 11/16/2015:-
Paul Birkel               1+2
Rick Bromagem             1+2
Leon Byles                1+2  
Dave London               2+2
Dušan Střílka             1+2
Todd Goodman              3+6
Alex Swedenburg           1+2
Jeff Albrecht             2+6
Gary Kaufman              2+4
Bob Bell                  1+2
Geoffrey Coward           1+2
J. Alexander Jacocks      1+2
Vernon                    1+2
David Rosenberger         2+2
lcyoung                   1+2
James Cobb                1+2
JOSH Bensadon             2+4
Nick Waun                 1+2
Richard P McCoy           1+2
Matthew Turner            1+2
Ian May                   2+4
Tim Acker                 1+2
Andrew Bingham            1+2
Santo Nucifora            2+4
Richard Camarda           1+2
Malcolm Macleod           2+4
Randy McLaughlin          1+2
Pete Plank                1+2
Nick Brizza               1+2
Harold Rothwell           1+2
Howard Feindel            1+2
Kipp Yeakel               1+2
Dave Mehaffy              2+2
Oliver Vie Brooks         1+2
Dennis Bernardo           1+2
Steven Feinsmith          1+2

V1.1a Z80 SBC Card Board
This board has been shipped to the following people on 10/25/2016 .
Peter Cole                1
Terry Walker              1
Roger Hanscom             2   
Geoffrey Coward           1
David Jones               1  
Jordi Solis               1  
Leonard Young             1
Oliver VieBrooks          1

V3 IDE/CF Card Board
This board has been shipped to the following people on 9/30/2016.
Vernon                      1
Geoffrey Coward             1
Richard P McCoy             1
Tim Acker                   1
Dennis Bernardo D'Annunzio  1
atl877                      1
G. Beat                     1
Nick Waun                   1
Michael Wachur              1    + 1 MSDOS Board
Michael George Hart         2
Dave London                 2
Alex Swedenburg             1
Rick Bromagem               1
Terry Walker                1
Michael Hart                1
John Reeves                 1
David Jones                 1
Joe Herdler                 1
Oliver VieBrooks            1

V3 32/64 MB OTT Static RAM Board (4 layer) for 80386 & 80486 Boards
This board has been shipped to the following people on 9/30/2016.

Gary Kaufman                 2  + VGA 16 Board
Andrew Bingham               1
Alex Swedenburg              1
Harold Rothwell              1
J. Alexander Jacocks         1
John Reeves                  1
Todd Goodman                 2
Robert Watson                2
lcyoung                      1
Brian Marstella              1
Dave London                  1
Feindel, Howard              2
Paul Birkel                  1
Vince Mulhollon              1
David Rosenberger            1
Dennis Bernardo D'Annunzio   1
'Rick' via S100Computers     1
Tim Acker                    1
Matthew Turner               2
Jordi solis                  1

For o
lder previous orders click here



West Coast Computer Festival August 5-6 2017.
The West Coast Computer Festival is coming back to the San Francisco Bay Area. There will be many exhibits on both Saturday and Sunday. You’ll find demos of 1960s minicomputers, 1970s homebrew systems, 1980s eight-bitters, and a few oddities. Some exhibits contain pristine original machines, while others focus on unique modern hacks, and everything in between.  Please mark your calendar for this major event.
For more information go here http://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-west-xi

Wayne Green, Byte and other Computer Magazine Publisher Passed Away
Wayne GreenI'm sad to say that Wayne Green founder of 73 magazine; Byte magazine; Kilobaud; 80 Micro magazine for the TRS-80 and others passed away on October 30, 2015.   Many of us from the S100 Computers era well remember receiving our weekly copy of Byte and Kilobyte.  These two magazines in particular played a catalytic role in bringing together the home brew computer community.  Our sympathies go out to his family and friends.

Electrical and Electronic Engineers Plaque to Honor Gary Kildall
Pacific Grove, CA.   4/25/2014
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers installed a plaque on 801 Lighthouse street in Pacific Grove to mark Gary Kildall's development of CP/M in the city 40 years ago this year. The IEEE Milestone program honors important international events in electrical engineering and computing. Achievements, including Thomas Edison's light bulb, Marconi's wireless communications, and Bell Labs' first transistor are recognized with a commemorative plaque in an appropriate location.

A dedication ceremony was held at 2 PM in the City Chambers of Pacific Grove, CA. .  It include a discussion of the legacy of Gary Kildall, featuring Tom Rolander, John Wharton, Brian Halla, David Laws and Gordon Eubanks.  Many legendry figures of the early home computer industry were there.  Also was present was Ted Hoff, who back in 1970 was the person who headed up the development of the Intel 4004 -- the worlds first microprocessor.
  Gary Kildall Picture Gary Kildall Discussions
   Portrait of Gary.     The discussions took place at the Pacific Grove Town Hall
  Dedication Cermony
The actual unveiling ceremony took place a few blocks away on 801 Lighthouse street  (the original home of Digital Research)
  Plackard 1
     The sidewalk placard -- there for many years to come.
The IEEE provided a nice brochure which contains a summary of Gary's carrier published by Dr. Dobbs Journal back in 1980.
It can be downloaded from here.

The Trenton Computer Festival

Trenton Computer Festival

This annual event started back in the 1980's and was a must attend gathering for anybody with a S100 bus system in those days.   It has evolved over the decades to a more generalized computer festival.   The next festival is on March 18, 2017 at the usual site -- The Trenton College of New Jersey.

Please see here for further information.

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