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Hazitall  Board
This was a very well designed port I/O board. It was IEEE-696 bus compatible. So much so in fact that it had pins 20,53 and 70 used for ground (as per the specs., but not always found).

LDP Hazitall

It contained the following functions:-
A Serial Port 1 (asynchronous)
A Serial Port 2 (asynchronous or synchronous)
A Strobed Parallel Output Port
A Strobed Parallel Input Port
A Programmable ReaI Time Interrupt circuit
A Math Processor (with an option for a  9511/8231 or a 9512/8232 chip)
A Battery Backed-up Clock / Calendar
A Winchester Disk Controller Support Port

The hard disk interface was for a Western Digital WD1000 type drive.
Software was provide for the clock for MSDOS (none for CPM-86).

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

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