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Morrow - SuperRAM
This was an early Morrow S-100 board when the name of the company was Tinker Toys.

Tinker Toys SuperRAM

The Godbout ECONORAM was one of the first low cost fully buffered S-100 memory boards on the market. It was actually designed by George Morrow.  It made its appearance in the hobbyist community as the 2102 1K memory chip made its way down the learning curve into high production. Next was the 2114, a 4K chip. This board by Morrow provided a low cost, fully buffered 16K static memory board based on the 2114 at a price almost equivalent to the early 4K based boards.
The DIP switches at the top of the board allowed fine resolution board addressing. There was a write protect memory option -- though seldom used. One wait state could be added and was required for a 4MHz Z80.
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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