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Macrotech --  MI386S   -  80386 CPU Board

This was truly a remarkable board. Unfortunately it is now very rare as it was possibly the last S-100 S-100 board Macrotech made.  It came out in January 1988.

Macrotech 80386


This was a 80386 satellite board for the S-100 bus. You could drop one or a number of these boards into a system and have them all function as independent computers.  Each board had a full megabyte of 32 bit wide RAM which was dual ported, 100nsec, 4-way interleaved dynamic memory. The 80386 ran at 16MHZ. There was an empty socket on board for an optional 80387 math coprocessor.

Currently I have no further information about this great looking board.  If you have information you would like to share please let me know.


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