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Morrow - Disk Jockey 2D Floppy Disk Controller
This was one of Morrows most successful boards. The board was normally sold as board + 8" Drive + cable + drive cabinet + software  as the "Discus" system. The 2D was listed as Discus 2+2 (8" double density double sided disks) giving 1.2Mg of storage per disk.

Morrow DJ FDC

The Thinker Toys DISK JOCKEY 2/D (DJ) board featured three distinct subsections:

1. A floppy disk controller, capable of reading and writing data in either single density FM code or double density MFM code with write precompensation, which can be connected to any floppy disk drive plug compatible with the Shugart 800/850.

2. A baud rate selectable hardware UART serial interface that allows communication with a terminal device at TTY 20ma current loop or RS-232 levels.

3. Automatic address generation upon reset or power-up which allows a "jump start" to the boot strap program in the ROM contained on the board.

The DJ pluged into an S-100 bus slot in a system with an 8080, 8085, or Z80 (1.7MHz - 5MHz) CPU. The controller had a cable connector for attaching a flat cable to the first floppy disk drive, and can control a chain of up to four drives daisy chained on this cable. A second connector on the DJ was provided for attatching a terminal device. The DJ used memory mapped I/O. Device registers used to input from and output to the floppy disk and the serial port are accessed from the CPU board of the S-100 system by references to memory addresses. Some registers differ in function depending on whether they are being read or written.

The manual for this board can be obtained here
For .zip files of the ROMs click here here


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