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Objective Design Inc. PCG Graphics Board
This was a very unique well designed S-100 board that allowed you to add programmed characters to other S-100 video displays.  I do not know of any other similar s-100 board. However it was almost unknown to the S-100 community.

PCG Board

The PCG was a unique S-100 card designed to increase the capabilities of other S-100 video boards. When combined with the Processor Technology VDM-1 and SOL Polymorphic systems VTI, Solid State Music Video Board or other devices which use the Motorola family of character generators, it added the ability to dynamically create new character sets.

To join the PCG with a video device, one transfers the character generator ROM from the video board to a socket on the PCG. A cable from the PCG, which terminates in a 24 pin IC type connector, was used to join the circuits. This connector was placed in the socket formerly occupied by the character generator.   

The manual and schematic for this board can be obtained here.


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