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S-100 Computers Related Forums

Google Groups: S100Computers
This is by far the most relevant forum to ask questions or get help for S100 bus related issues.


Vintage Computers (S100 Section)

This is another excellent forum to ask questions or get help for S100 bus related issues.

Google Groups: N8VEM-S100.
This was an early forum setup by Andrew Lynch which discussed many topics about S100 and other computer boards.  This forum is unfortunately no longer active. It contained much valuable information however. Thanks to the work of Andrew Bingham it has been collected and is now stored on the S100Computers web site here. Please note this is a large database, access may be slow.

eBay (Vintage Computing)

While not a forum site, many excellent S100 Boards are available on eBay that can get you going quickly.  Some owners there can sometimes help you with questions.

If all else fails you can contact me directly at monahan-vitasoft.org (Substitute the "-" character with an @ character), but please use this sparingly, most questions can and are answered by members of the above Google Groups S100Computers forum.

This page was last modified on 03/18/2018