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CompuPro - SP186 Board
I have no information about this board currently. If you have a manual I will describe the board and place it here for others to review.

CompuPro SP186

 This board was designed to connect via a serial interface to a dumb terminal, and the connected user would have full dedicated use of the power of the 80186 on the board along with the on-board memory, using the CP/M operating system. What the user could also do, however, was get shared access to any other peripherals supported by other S-100 boards on the same S-100 bus the SP186 was plugged into – such as printers, floppy drives, and hard drives.  Compupro’s Concurrent CP/M and Concurrent DOS operating systems supported use of multiple SP186s on a single S100 bus in addition to the system’s primary CPU (usually a CPU286).



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