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TDL VDB-2 Video Board.
This was a late addition to the TDL S-100 board family. It is now a very rare board.

TDN video Board

The board could display 80 characters per line and  25 lines per screen with upper/lower case (with descenders) and  64 graphic characters. It used independent memory (not part of the processors address space) and had enough RAM for 2 full screens of display memory.  The board had:-
Software controlled character inversion.
Software controlled character blink. 
Software controlled display inversion.
Software controlled cursor addressability and cursor position readibility. 
There was also an onboard 8-bit parallel port for a keyboard.

The board was actully two boards taking up two S-100 slots altough only one board interacted with the bus.  The board was clearly ahead of its time!

The detailed manual for this board can be obtained here.
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