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MITS - 88 ADC    Analog To Digital Converter Board
Probably reflecting upon the companies early roots only Cromemco at the time offered a similar S-100 card. This is the best picture of this relatively rare board I could locate.  If you have a better one and would like to share it please let me know.


The 88 ADC was a high accuracy Analog to Digital Converter that was used to input analog signals to the Altair computer. The 88-ADC included a buffer amplifier (with a true differential input instrumentation amplifier option), an 8-channel multiplexer (used to select one of the 8 input signals), circuitry to address the card (the 88-ADC is treated as an I/O device), and associated timing circuitry. Resolution was 12 bits with a 50 micro second resolution time.
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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