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Fulcrum    Omni256  --  256K RAM

This 256K Fulcrum static RAM board was a natural extension of their then successful "Omniram" 64K board. The board came out late (1985).

Fulcrum 256K RAM

The board of course was completely IEEE-696 compatible. The board could be located on any 256K boundary. It came factory set for the first 256K of the S-100 available address space.   It handled 8 and 16 bit data paths per IEEE specs.  There ware no issues with DMA because of its use of all static RAM. When populated with 120 nsec. RAM chips it could be run with an 8 MHZ bus clock.  The board recognized the phantom line and had a total power consumption of only 4 watts.  There was also a battery backup connection. The board was normally stocked with HM6264LP (8K x 4) static RAM chips .
The manual for this board can be obtained here.


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