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Industrial Micro Systems - CPS-Q6A Board
At the Spring 1986 Comdex show IMS (or Intercontinental Micro Systems as they were called at that time) introduced this board.


Taking advantage of Hitachi's HD64180 chip, Intercontinental Micro has accomplished an unprecedented feat at the time of putting four Z80 users on a single S-100 card. Each user has his/her own on-board HD64180 processor, 128K of RAM, and two serial ports. The new board, called the CPS-Q6A, ran at 6 MHz with provisions to run at 10 MHz. An I/O mapped board, the CPS-Q6A could be added to practically any S-100 system without hardware modification.

As an extra feature, any one or more of the four user circuits could be used instead as a printer server while the remaining circuits remain as users. ICM included free TurboDOS drivers with the board.

Unfortunately I do not have a manual for this interesting board. If you have one please let me know.


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