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I/O Technology -  A-D-A Converter Board
This was a highly specilized board to utilize a supermarket type bar code reader.

I/O Technology Bar Code Reader

On-board Z80 Processor with Firmware PROM
Uses only two consecutive I/O Port Addresses
Address Decode circuitry allows for the selection of 2 out-of 256 possible address locations using 8-bit addressing and for 2 out of 65,536 possible address locations using 16-bit addressing.
Full Handshaking with Host Computer
Board Self Test at Power-On
The board had a Real Time Clock/Calendar with battery backup

The board read bi-directionally and supplied a print string for the
following codes:
- UPC version A
- UPC version E
- 3 of 9 alphanumeric (optional checksum)
- 2 of 5 (optional checksum)
- 2 of 5 interleaved (optional checksum)
- PWM/MSI (optional modulo-10 or modulo-11 checksum)
- BYTEWRITER (for text, programs or other bulk data)

Maximum characters that can be read or printed in one label: 42 for most codes (includes start, stop and checksum characters in some codes). Maximum data characters for Bytewriter code is 62.
The 24 hour clock could be set and read on request.
The elapsed time counter could be started and read without affecting clock time. Elapsed time started at 00:00:00 at power on.

Read specified code, with or without checksum
Compute print string for specified code and given data
Read 'multicode'
Install custom code list for 'multicode'
Set minimum wand speed and response time
Self-test of on-board PROM and RAM
Return firmware version number
Set time and date
Read time and date
Start elapsed time counter
Read elapsed time

Read: status code and data scanned (ASCII)
Multi-code: status code, bar code number and data scanned (ASCII)
Print: status code and print data (graphic)
Self-test: pass or fail
Firmware version: number
Time in year, month, day, day of week, hour, minute, second (ASCII)
Elapsed time in hour, minutes, seconds, up to 23:59:59 (ASCII)
An Interconnect Cable and Wand was Optional

The brochure for this board can be obtained here.
I do not have a manual for this board. If you would like to share one please let me know.


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